It felt like Christmas that morning. I’d woken up at 7:30 just because of excitement, i couldn’t help it. I was finally going to be able to see him again, after 5 months. 

Everything was going perfect. I was wearing my new dress, it accentuated my bust whilst slimming my stomach in slightly. I’d washed myself with my raspberry shower jell, Niall’s favourite, and put on minimal makeup.

I’d told Niall to come straight to mine from the airport, I didn’t mind that he’d be in lounge wear whilst i was all dressed up. I just wanted to see his perfect face. 

At 6:30 I’d received a text from Niall:

Just about to leave the airport, see u in 30 minutes beautiful.

I love you

Niall xxxxx

Knowing he’d be there in just half an hour made butterflies release in my stomach. I was so nervous. What if he didn’t like what he saw? After all, 5 months was such a long time. He’d asked me to fly over to L.A to stay for a week or two, but my bitch of a boss wouldn’t allow me the time off. So the only time I’d actually seen his face  was during his Skype calls, well apart from the pictures that had been spread all over the internet. 

I checked over the table one last time, making sure the the plates were 100% clean and making sure the red rose in the center of the table hadn’t died in the 10 minutes I’d not looked at it.

I was being so over dramatic, but i wanted everything to be perfect.

When the clock struck 7 I began to prepare the food, sharing it our equally between the two plates. What can i say, I ate just as much as Niall.


I was so worried. It was 8pm and Niall still wasn’t back, if traffic was bad he’d have text me or called me. But i hadn’t received anything, it was safe to say a few tears had fallen from my blue pools. 

I didn’t want to worry, but i couldn’t help it, it’s in a girls nature to worry right?

I finally saw two lights move across the candle lit room, indicating that Niall was home. 

A smile grew on my face as i ran towards the front door and burst it open. The lights on the car were still lit, giving me no choice but to squint as i unintentionally looked directly in to one. 

I happily sighed when i saw Niall’s tall silhouette in the light. I ran up to him, well i say run, it was pretty hard in my heals, and embraced him in a tight hug.

He squirmed at my touch. I pulled back confused and looked at him. He was pale, really pale and it seemed like he was struggling to breath.

I led him inside, now able to see the small hole on the lower part of his grey jumper and the crimson stain surrounding it.

He’d been shot?

"Niall" I breathed, completely confused as to what had happened.

I sat him down on the sofa and called an ambulance as tears welled up in my eyes.

I saw him smile at me, I don’t know how he could be smiling right now, he was on the verge of dying. He lifted his up up slightly showing a small red rose, before his hand fell back to his side.

"You smell… of raspberry’s" He smiled to himself, recognizing my shower jell.

"What happened?" I cried as i pulled him in close to me.

"I had to… get… this for you… and… someone shot… me. I didn’t… see who… it was" He said slowly, in between breaths.

"Just hold on OK? the ambulance is on it’s way, you’re going to make it. Just keep your eyes open." 

"You… look beautiful. I can’t… believe you’re… all mine."

I brushed my hand through his hair as i placed a kiss to his lips. 

"You’re going to make it baby alright." I said tracing circles on his cheek with my thumb.

"It hurts… so much." He replied, his eyes glossy from his tears.

"please stay with me" I cried as his eyes began to look heavy. "Niall please" I slipped my hand into his, giving it a small squeeze.

"I love you" He said with pure passion in his voice. It broke my heart to see him in so much pain, whilst i was unable to help him.

"Don’t go saying your goodbyes Niall. We’re going to grow old together. Sit out in the back garden and watch our grand kids run around."

I saw a smile grow on his face as he thought about my words whilst his eyes closed fully.

"No Niall please" I sobbed, the tears falling quick from my eyes as Niall took his final breaths"

It took all the strength in him to sit up and place on last kiss on my lips, before leaning back down.

He’d gone. I violently began to sob into his chest, gripping onto the soft, dis-colored fabric of his jumper.

"I love you Niall" I cried, chocking on my own cries. 

I looked down to his hand, seeing the rose and smiling. Then i noticed something else in his hand. I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hand and removed the rose and what i found out was a bit of paper.

I opened the folded paper what had my name scribbled on in Niall’s handwriting, though it was scruffier than normal.

Im so sorry about everything. Everything i ever did to hurt you, every time i made you cry. Im so sorry about it all.

I hope you find this, because i know im not going to last long when i get to you, that’s if i get to you. 

I love you so much and i never want you to forget that. But what i do want you to do, is go on and live your life. Get married, have children. 

Im sorry this is so messy, but i love you so dearly. You’re so beautiful and you made me so happy.

Im sorry i left you early.

I love you 

Nialler xxxxxx

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