(C) year when I was in year 12 (in a different school) & my mum had a stroke and I loat her for 3 months and my family were causing me so much stress and I got into depression and started to get even worse psoriasis but it's not too bad now. Xx — Anonymous

It’s a horrible thing to get, I get it on my elbows and knees and just on the top of my neck in my hair line, and because of the one there i used to get really paranoid if it was itchy, like i didn’t want people to think i had head lice and that stressed me out even more, and I have my A-Levels coming up soon so I’m just really praying that it doesn’t get bad again xx



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I get so stressed out about exams that I make myself sick and my skin flares up with Psoriasis. Going back to when I was sitting my GCSEs I was told I had to re-sit my maths exam, even though I had passed it and got a good grade.

I had medical notes from my doctor explaining my situation about the stress and the psoriasis to my head of year. Saying that it would be best if i didn’t re-sit, so I could focus on my other exams, she read them aloud in the middle of a corridor for anyone walking past to hear. She then turned to me and said ‘It’s just a bit of stress, nothing you can’t deal with’ and then entered me to do the exam again.

And that is why I hate school and most of the teachers that go with them.


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